The Real Thing

The Real Thing
The Real Thing

Today we have a cyberpunk novel by Jacob Prytherch: The Real Thing.

Roman Rasnic, “The Black Cat,” is a chemist turned black market peddler of a drug he invented called Cupid. It allows people to experience the sensation of intense love toward whomever they want. This has proven quite profitable to him in future Japan.

Unfortunately, it also causes him plenty of problems. Continue reading “The Real Thing”

BioShock concept art

What Is Biopunk?

It’s unclear who coined the phrase “biopunk,” but presumably the term was invented after steampunk had been established as a genre. At least, it was not until steampunk had entered the mainstream that biopunk emerged.

Like steampunk, this proposed literary genre finds its origins in cyberpunk. It replaces the information technology of cybernetics with the synthetic biology of genetic engineering, but maintains most of the other elements of the genre.

Which begs the question: Should biopunk be considered a genre of its own? And if not, are steam- and dieselpunk really genres in their own right? Continue reading “What Is Biopunk?”