Ještěd Tower Czech Republic

Ješted Tower

This peculiar sight is the Ješted Tower: a 94-meter tall structure on top of the Ješted Mountain near the town of Liberec in the Czech Republic.

The tower was built between 1963 and 1968 by architect Karel Hubácek. In its lower sections it houses a hotel and restaurant, the interiors of which are delightfully retro. In its upper sections are numerous transmitters for television broadcasts. Continue reading “Ješted Tower”


Killzone 2
Killzone 2

Besides tulips and cannabis, the Netherlands now has a more colorful, and perhaps even more addictive, export product: the video game Killzone, developed by the Amsterdam-based Guerilla Games.

The first Killzone shooter was released back in November 2004 and, in spite of average reviews, sold more than two million copies worldwide. In just a few days, on February 27, the third game in the franchise will go on sale and already over one million have been preordered in Europe alone.

So what is all the fuss about? Continue reading “Killzone”

Russian telescopes Tajikistan

Peering Into Space

Somewhere in the remote barrenness of the former Soviet republic Tajikistan stands a group of giant snow globe-like structures, “like straight off a pulp-era dime novel cover,” as Redfezwriter puts it over at our message-board community, the Smoking Lounge.

The things aren’t snow globes nor huge Pac-Macs, but telescopes monitoring the satellites Russia is still able to maintain in orbit. Continue reading “Peering Into Space”

Gone with the Blastwave

Gone with the Blastwave
Gone with the Blastwave

Gone with the Blastwave is a post-apocalyptic comic by Kimmo Lemetti from Finland. He occasionally — though unfortunately not often — uploads a new installment, but there are plenty of old stories on his website to keep you amused for a while.

Although the quality and humor of Gone with the Blastwave is not in doubt, we wonder whether to call it dieselpunk. Continue reading “Gone with the Blastwave”