Free Comic Book Day 2018: Lady Mechanika

Free Comic Book Day 2018: Lady Mechanika
Free Comic Book Day 2018: Lady Mechanika

Lady Mechanika is a title to look forward to every year when Free Comic Book Day arrives and this year’s edition was no different.

Although in theory these free comics are only available for free on the first Saturday of May, the reality is that many, especially online, stores have stock of Free Comic Book Day issues left and will allow you to include them for free with an order. So it’s still possible to get your hands on a copy. Continue reading “Free Comic Book Day 2018: Lady Mechanika”

Petri 7s camera

Vintage Camera Review: Petri 7s

The Petri 7s is a 35 mm analog camera from the 1960s. I’m not sure how common it is in Europe at this point. I am far from an expert on how easy it is to find a certain camera as I seem to acquire mine mostly through circumstance, friends, family and sheer luck.

My own Petri 7s was my father’s. He kindly donated it to me when I got back into analog photography a few years ago. Continue reading “Vintage Camera Review: Petri 7s”

Shades of Aether

Shades of Aether
Shades of Aether

This book is a little of everything, but not a little of everything in the way you would expect it.

First of all, there is a murder mystery. Who killed Professor Richards and what exactly is going on with some of his experiments?

Yes, this does mean there is weird science involved.

And there is romance. When Benjamin Maker, a man from nobel birth, and Amethyst Forester receive the joint inheritance of the professor’s home, things really start to get interesting.

To top it off, we glance at history, but not in the traditional future-past-that-never-was that we know from steampunk. Continue reading “Shades of Aether”

Star Wars scene

The ‘Punk in Star Wars

Star Wars is the quintessential space opera with fans around the world. Rather than write the nth article about what makes Star Wars such a phenomenon, I am going to talk about how the movies have had an impact on mostly dieselpunk.

Stick around til the end, because your intrepid reporter managed to ask Anthony Daniels, the actor who has portrayed C-3P0 since the beginning of the franchise forty years ago, some questions while he was a guest at Comic Con Brussels. Continue reading “The ‘Punk in Star Wars”