Lady Mechanika

Lady Mechanika
Lady Mechanika

I know we’re extremely late to the party with reviewing these, but it is an ongoing series and better late than never, right?

Besides, surely some readers aren’t aware of Lady Mechanika yet and it’s one of the best steampunk comics around.

Lady Mechanika, our Victorian-era cyborg heroine, is everything we love about the genre. The marriage of tech and adventure a strong female lead.

While some things may seem cliché — flying machines, (mad) science, adventure, goggles — once you start reading, you’ll discover there is much more to Lady Mechanika’s world.

Combining elements from the Victorian era with steampunk tropes and tales of adventure that can nearly rival those of Jules Verne himself, this makes for a series with heroes and villains you love to hate and of which you are forever eagerly awaiting the next installment.

In this first part, we meet our heroine on the trail of several mad men trying to recreate her — with dire consequences.

The story has a cast of colorful characters and keeps you hooked from page one to the very end. I enjoyed the first volume so much I am now an avid collector of Lady Mechanica volumes.

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