Dippy the Diplodocus

Dippy the Diplodocus Makes Way for Whale

It’s finally happened. Today is a sad, sad day indeed, for Dippy the Diplodocus, who has been the face of London’s Natural History Museum and a great love of the public since his unveiling in 1905, is no longer gracing the Hintze Hall. He’s starred in movies and series (quite recently in season 3 of Penny Dreadful) and now he must make way for the skeleton of a great whale.

Sure, we love whales (and informing the public about the conservation of whales is important), but they’re no Dippy!

Discover more about the history of Dippy here.

Dippy is going on a tour of the United Kingdom next year, so if you’re in the country, have a look to see if you can admire him near you.

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