Earl Lagertha Steampunk Lingerie

Earl Lagertha lingerie by Marlies Dekker
Earl Lagertha lingerie by Marlies Dekker

Today’s product is steampunk lingerie. Because it can’t all be regular clothes, especially not after I discovered these gems by Marlies Dekkers. Of course, if you have no physical Marlies Dekker store or reseller near you, there’s always her website.

Marlies Dekkers isn’t usually a steampunk lingerie designer, but she seems to have made an exception this time with her Earl Lagertha series.

And what an awesome exception it is.

Albeit a pricy one. To be honest, for that price, she should have used real leather instead of faux leather, but I suppose that at least this way it’s vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. Still… it looks awesome.

I especially like that you can remove the harness pieces from the lingerie, so you can wear it as undergarments and the harness over a top (or, if you’re into that look, over a skirt or skin tight hot pants with thigh highs). It makes it just that little more versatile.

There are several pieces in this series:

Warning: Your wallet and bank account may cry bitter, bitter tears upon seeing the prices.

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