The Mother Matrix

The Mother Matrix
The Mother Matrix

Stand back everyone, I’m going to try‚Ķ SCIENCE!

Thus starts “The Spark”, the most energetic song on The Mother Matrix, the newest brain child of the Nathaniel Johnstone Band.

And boy, what a brain child it is! Undoubtedly his best album to date, it combines genres from the past with the kind of music he has become best known for, making this a hotpot of genres and yet every song still has that signature Johnstone feel to it.

It’s no mean feat to write a punk song that reminds of the infamous CH-CH-CH-CHERRY BOMB or tracks that are reminiscent of the Beatles and other bands from the era while sticking to your own style at the same time.

Even when Johnstone and his band emulate the past, they are still very much themselves, which is exactly why this album is so fantastic.

And make sure to listen to the lyrics too, because man, are they good!

In short, this is a varied, solid album, with a nice switch between genres and male and female vocals. It stays interesting no matter how many times you listen to it.

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