Swamp Steam

Swamp Steam
Swamp Steam

Sousaphones, bagpipes, valve trombone and ukulele, oh my!

These are some of the extraordinary and unusual (for steampunk at least) instruments you can find on Swamp Steam and let me tell you right now, if this is what comes out of the swamp then sign me right up for a visit!

It may all seem strange at first glance, but it’s a musical gumbo that not only works, it leaves you constantly wondering, wanting to move to the groove and wanting more. It’s the kind of CD to listen to when the fancy for a good mix of different genres strikes or simply to play in the background. Both work and that in itself is quite unique.

The Steampunk Stompers take you along to a musical trip on their ten-song debut album, featuring everything from shanties, ragtime, jazz, chap hop, highland tunes and ethnic melodies, each and every single on brilliantly performed and leaving you wondering what will come next. When it comes to diversity and awesome music, these guys have nailed it.

Of course, you have to be into this kind of thing, but if you like to be surprised by songs, and aren’t stuck on a set genre, then I would wholeheartedly recommend you allow yourself to be surprised by Mark Pettey and his ensemble of stompers and get immersed in their particular brand of musical madness and melodies.

Want to get your own copy? Click here for digital and here for physical.

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