Agent Carter

Agent Carter
Agent Carter

Agent Carter is one of Marvel’s recent additions to their cinematic universe. Peggy Carter was first introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger, not only as Captain Roger’s love interest but as a lady of flawless class, style and competence. It’s no surprise the character became loved enough to earn her own TV series.

The time is 1946 and things have radically changed for Peggy. Where she was a valued part of anti-Hydra and -Nazi actions during World War II, she is now the sole female field agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve — and grossly overlooked by her male co-workers.

What makes Agent Carter such a strong series is not only the aesthetic and the plot but the fact that it represents the time so well, portraying a woman’s struggle in what was dominantly a man’s world.

Without becoming just another feminist tableau, it is so much more than that. This series has everything: suspense, espionage, mystery, weird science and well-developed characters, both good guys and villains.

If you love post-World War II aesthetic, politics and society, espionage and weird science, definitely check this out.

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