De Gouden Jaren van Mickey Mouse

De Gouden Jaren van Mickey Mouse
De Gouden Jaren van Mickey Mouse

The first volume of De Gouden Jaren van Mickey Mouse (“The Golden Years of Mickey Mouse”) covers the 1930–37 works of Floyd Gottfredson, who was instrumental in turning Mickey Mouse into the icon of animation he is today.

Aviator Mickey (which was actually a line of steampunk and dieselpunk merchandise in Disneyland Paris some years back) on the cover isn’t a misleading piece of art, as several of these stories tie in right with the dieselpunkian sense of adventure of the pre-World War II times.

It’s a chronological telling of Gottfredson’s work for Disney, including two articles on the character by means of introduction, an interview with Floyd Gottfredson and a focus on one of the very obscure scientists in the world of Disney: Doctor Einmug.

Each story comes with its own introduction and fact column, which is a nice addition.

For Disney fans, and Mickey Mouse fans in particular, it’s great to see how the character evolved and how it was back in the day.

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