Tales of the Hidden World

Tales of the Hidden World
Tales of the Hidden World

Tales of the Hidden World is a short-story collection of old and new tales by the hand of Simon R. Green. It’s a mix of urban fantasy, dark fantasy, zombies, swashbuckling, dystopias and space operas.

This irrevocably makes that the reader will like one tale more than the other, but it needs to be said that there are some gems in here and definitely some characters and settings I personally hope to see more of. (My personal favorite is “All About the Rendering”, of which I dearly hope to be able to read more in the future.)

I won’t delve into the separate stories, as I don’t want to spoil any of them, but I will say it’s cool to see the evolution of Simon R. Green’s style and read a kind of story from him I wouldn’t usually pick up.

For the fans of the Droods, there’s a story about one of the members of the family in here. It’s probably not the kind of tale you’d expect. I would advise that, if you read this series, read it before the next installment comes out because otherwise you’ll undoubtedly be rather surprised and wondering what the hell happened to said character.

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