Skyscrapers and Helicopters

Skyscrapers and Helicopters
Skyscrapers and Helicopters

Everyone even remotely interested in steampunk music is no doubt aware that Jody Ellen is one of the singers of steampunk band Abney Park. Now she also has her own solo project, something fewer people know.

Which is a right shame as this album is awesome. Simple as that. In my opinion, who is a fan of Ellen’s vocal work with Abney Park should give this twelve-song debut album, Skyscrapers & Helicopters, a chance.

Here’s why.

First of all, because on her first full CD you get to hear far more from Jody than what you get to hear with Abney Park and you can hear her voice really come to its right. If you like her in the band, you’ll love her solo.

And make no mistake, she may be a steampunk performer, but her solo work is distinctively different from the band’s. The only thing they have in common is that they’re both projects that produce great music.

She proves she can tackle several genres and tempos with the variety of songs on this album, ranging from good solid rock music to ballads to country.

This mix of genres provides for a well-varied album and yet you can hear Jody’s own style throughout. Her voice is always soulful, strong and a perfect match with the melody and arrangements, proving that she is easily one of the most skilled and talented women in steampunk music today.

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