Abney Park Live at Phantasium

Abney Park Phantasium Eindhoven Netherlands
Abney Park perform at Phantasium in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, February 22 (Hilde Heyvaert)

And last but not least out of the Phantasium live reports, the review of the group pretty much everyone in attendance showed up for at the Phantasium’s 5th anniversary opening night: Abney Park, the Seattle based sixtet that is probably the best known steampunk band out there. The first mainland European (as they have previously performed in the UK) concert of the band was something many steampunks and dieselpunks did not want to miss out on and so they came down from several European countries to witness the musical exploits of the crew of the HMS Ophelia.

For about a whopping two hours, with only a short 5 minute break, they treated the audience with some of their finest songs. They played classics such as Airship Pirates, Building Steam, The End of Days, Neo Bedouin, Letters (Letters Between a Little Boy & Himself as an Adult), Victorian Vigilante, Evil Man and many, many more from their previously released albums, making their setlist a great variaty of older and newer songs. Each song was brought with emotion and energy and the band had absolutely no issue what so ever getting the crowd dancing and enjoying themselves during the entire performance. Several times during the gig they had the entire crowd jumping along with Robert and Jody, who’s ability to jump on heels that high is amazing by the way. But don’t let that remark get you the wrong idea, both of them are talented vocalists that bring the music alive on stage even better than recorded and there is no arguing with the instrumental skill of the rest of the band either.

Aside from the band’s fantastic musical performance they took out ample time after the concert to meet with fans, sign autographs and pose with photos, making the evening even more forgettable for those present. It was nice to see a band care that much about their fans and I’m absolutely positive the fans really appreciate the group making time for them.

In short: Abney Park has once again proven exactly why they are at the top of today’s steampunk music scene (in as far as such a thing exists) with a superb performance that will no doubt linger as fantastic in the minds of everyone attending. Where they have produced several good CDs in the past, the music really comes to live on stage, and the energy of the band and the skill of their performance makes them one of those bands definitely worth traveling for to see them live.

Just to illustrate how great a performers these guys are: I saw them back in 2009 at the infamous Slimelight club in London (UK) for their very first London performance. The venue was absolutely shite, and yet they rocked. So regardless where they play: it’ll be a concert worth to remember in a positive way.

Stay tuned for an interview with Abney Park next week! You can see more photos of the concert right here.

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