Evidence of Past Misdeeds

Evidence of Past Misdeeds
Evidence of Past Misdeeds

The talented Nathaniel Johnstone has compiled both his EPs Brazilian Surf Mafia and The Heart Unwound into Evidence of Past Misdeeds, which I’m pleased to review whatever title is used (although it really is Evidence of Past Misdeeds).

I really love how this work stands out among that of other (steampunk) artists. It’s a heavily ethnic-influenced, mostly instrumental work, but don’t let the lack of “proper” lyrics fool you, it really is an excellent collection of songs that pulls the heartstrings of the listener and that will make you dream of adventure, just as steampunk music is supposed to do.

It’s well arranged and performed. The mix of modern and traditional instruments and chanting sets it apart from other music in the genre.

I can see how those not into this type of music would frown upon it, but to everyone even remotely interested in music with an ethic flair, I would really recommend this!

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