The Fires I Started

The Fires I Started
The Fires I Started

Before I start, I have to admit that before listening to Unwoman I was never much of a fan of the cello as an instrument. After listening to The Fires I Started, it has definitely earned a place in my heart. That alone says a lot about the skill displayed on this particular album.

The most recent full album by Erica Mulkey, better known as the solo performer Unwoman, The Fires I Started exceeded its Kickstarter campaign goal by several times and it’s easy to understand why. This sixteen-song release is a modern marvel, a brilliant juxtaposition between contemporary beats and classical cello-playing, combined with Unwoman’s strong vocals that hit the listener just right.

Whether she mixes in modern electronics or performs a cappella (vocals + cello), the tracks are one for one musical gems that keep you interested and listening over and over again without ever getting boring. The distinctive difference between the programming and tunes makes sure of that, perfectly conveying a wide variety of emotions through the musical tales Unwoman weaves to the listener.

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