Planes B: Spanish Steampunk Anthology

Planes B
Planes B

A year ago, two writers — Josué Ramos from Spain and Negro Inmunsapá from Mexico — had the idea to create the first steampunk anthology in Spanish. This led them to more ideas. One was the creation of a collection of books made to promote new writers, something never quite seen before. Out of it came Planes B.

The first volume is now here and it was officially introduced during EuroSteamCon last week.

Besides Ramos and Inmunsapá, Simón Bellido, also from from Spain, are the chiefs of the project. They are all part of the group of artist known as Mercenarios de Dios, which publishes the retro-futuristic Spanish-language steampunk magazine El Investigador once per month.

Each volume of Planes B will include a short story from a famous guest writer. The rest of the stories are written by new and yet unknown authors.

We are proud to announce that the guest author in volume #1 is Jeff VanderMeer. His story, “Fixing Hanover”, is translated into Spanish by Jason Burrows as “Arreglando a Hanover” and was originally published in Extraordinary Engines, an anthology edited in 2008 by Nick Gevers.

In addiction, this first book includes five more short stories written by Simón Bellido, María Eijo, Rafael di Ferro, Ricardo Montesinos and Janacek Jadehierro.

It also has illustrations made by Tamarindo Conde from Spain and Karina Denisse Contreras “Kadeco” from Mexico. The image on the cover was made by Alexandra Galeano and the model is “Vito.” Both are from Argentina.

Click here to learn more. To purchase a book or get a free download copy of the first volume, click here.

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